Warranty Service Plan

Warranty Service Plan
Price List

1 Installation + 2 on-site service  /  3 on-site service

Single Group Head Espresso Machine Or WPM (KD510, KD410) [24 Months]

HKD 2,500

Dual Group Head Espresso Machine [24 Months]

HKD 3,000

Fully Automatic Coffee Machine [24 Months]

HKD 3,000

Warranty Service Plan Extended Area Surcharge

HKD 1,000
*Extended Area Coverage (Note 1)
Warranty Service Plan and Maintenance General Conditions:
  1. During warranty period, free replacement of damaged spare part is available(fair wear and tear excepted). For details please contact maintenance department.
  1. All paid replaced spare part(s) will be guaranteed for 1 months dated from the service completion date.
  1. Appointments of all on-site warranty service must be made at least before 1 working day. Appointment Hotline: +852 23438211
  1. On-site warranty service hours:
Monday to Friday 10:30-16:00 (Close on Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays)
  1. After-sales service will be normally completed within 7 working days under condition of no shortage of spare part(s).
  1. Warranty Service Plan cannot be extended more than 4 Years. On-site service fee will be charged per visit after 4 years. (Attention: In case that goods supplier(s) cease to supply relevant spare part(s), paid per visit on-site service may not be proceeded.)
  1. WPM is not accountable for any direct or indirect loss incurred by the failure of product.
WPM reserves the rights to amend these terms and conditions without prior notice.
In case of any dispute, WPM reserves the rights for any final decision.
Note 1: Extended Area Coverage: Peak, Outlying Islands, Stanley, Shek O, (Restricted areas such as Mui Wo, Sha Tau Kok).