WPM After Sales Service(2022 Dec version)

WPM After Sales Service (December 2022 Edition)
All products purchased on WPM website or WPM showroom in Hong Kong are non-returnable. Exceptional exchanges are permitted only for defective New Products.
If WPM maintenance technician determines that the product is defective and you are eligible for a replacement of your product, please contact us and return your product with original receipt and packaging within 7 days of the date you received it.
WPM maintenance conditions:
1) After purchasing WPM products, please keep the purchase receipt or invoice (original or copy) to gain maintenance warranty services. Within 12 months from the receipt of the goods, if the product has a functional failure that is not caused by man-made damage, consumers can have free maintenance services after presenting an official receipt with testing and confirmation by a WPM authorized service center.
2) If it meets the <<conditions that do not belong to the free maintenance obligation>>, no matter whether it is within the free maintenance period or not, it is not included in the free maintenance. In this case, the customer shall bear the inspection fee, spare parts fee and shipping cost. Please read the instructions in <<Circumstances not covered by free maintenance obligations>> in this article.
3) The WPM service period takes effect from the date of purchase by the primary user, and the warranty period will not be extended due to any resale.
WPM maintenance service
  • Have your WPM product repaired with a full inspection of the parts.
  • After the repair is completed, technician will contact customers , and the customer can choose to pick it up at the WPM showroom address or arrange courier to collect it on his/her own (charges apply). (The repaired product will maintain the limited warranty period of the original product.)
  • Replaced parts provide 30-day free warranty service after repair (limited to the same failure and non-human failure).
  • Onsite maintenance service for commercial coffee machines: divided into one-time on-site maintenance and maintenance services.
<Circumstances that do not belong to the free maintenance obligation>:
  1. The product has exceeded the warranty period.
  2. The serial number of the product does not match the invoice.
  3. The serial number of the product is unclear, changed or torn.
  4. All warranties are only applicable to products purchased in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.
  5. Failure or damage to the product due to the use of non-WPM accessories.
  6. During normal use, the scratches and abrasions on the product shell or on the accessible parts without disassembly are caused.
  7. Failure or damage due to accidental factors or human reasons (including handling, extrusion, knocking, scratching, impact, input of improper voltage, corrosion, water, fire, accidents, etc.).
  8. Product damage caused by natural disasters or irresistible external forces.
  9. Faults and damages caused by disassembly or maintenance by personnel not authorized by WPM, or self-disassembly, modification of the product, arbitrary change of specifications, or use of non-original parts of the company.
  10. Damage caused by improper use by not following the instruction manual or instructions, including damage caused by heavy pressure, falling, damp, immersion in water or rain, intrusion of foreign objects, loss of components, etc.
  11. The thermoblock(Boiler), shower head or steam wand is blocked due to failure to regularly clean the machine with an appropriate descaler or cleaner.
  12. During the validity period of the guarantee, if the user violates the maintenance service terms or has non-quality problems, the product is not covered by this warranty, and WPM authorized service center will quote or not repair according to the fault condition.
  13. Normal product wear and tear, for example: o-ring of the brewing head, water softener in the water tank or product color cast, etc.
  • WPM only provides maintenance for WPM machines. After payment for the goods, WPM will not provide returns, refund or any changes.
  • Relevant order information and official invoices in Hong Kong should be used as the basis for repair and replacement services. Failure to do so may result in a rejection of the warranty by the WPM Service Center.
  • WPM Service Center undertakes out-of-warranty repairs sold by authorized dealers, and the determination of fault detection and repair quotation are subject to the test results of WPM Service Center.
  • During the product maintenance process, the product’s software settings may be restored to the factory settings, and all data and settings in the product may not be restored. The company will not be responsible for any loss caused by the above reasons.
  • The product free warranty service is only applicable to the primary buyer of the product. If the customer resells the product or buys other resold products, the warranty service he/she had cannot be resold or transferred.
  • In case of any dispute, WPM reserves the right of final decision and interpretation.
  • For any inquiries, please call WPM Customer Service Center: +852 23438211, or email: wpmaftersales@gewcorp.com
Note: The above warranty service terms and rules are implemented under the principle of not contradicting or violating the laws and regulations of Hong Kong. If any provision or part of the above warranty service terms and rules is illegal or unenforceable, or is ruled to be illegal or unenforceable by any institution or court with jurisdiction, the above warranty service terms and rules will be invalidated immediately, and any person No claim or legal liability can be pursued against WPM based on this.
*In case of any dispute, WPM reserves the right of final decision and interpretation.
*Terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice.