WPM to sponsor Latte Art Live at London Coffee Festival this year

WPM to sponsor Latte Art Live at London Coffee Festival this year

WPM is thrilled to sponsor the Latte Art Live event at the London Coffee Festival this year.

We are delighted to return this year to showcase our comprehensive range of high-performance milk pitchers and to introduce our latest innovation, the ZP-1 single dose grinder.

Latte Art Live

Join us at the Latte Art Live sessions, a highlight of the festival, for a hands-on experience with our range of high-performance milk pitchers. These are not just tools but extensions of the barista's craft, enabling the creation of intricate latte art designs from classic rosettas to complex patterns. Here, baristas and champions alike will demonstrate their skills using our pitchers, providing both inspiration and entertainment. We also encourage you to participate, challenging the pros and perhaps uncovering a hidden talent for latte art.

Don't miss out on our exclusive product giveaways during the event. It's an opportunity to bring a piece of the coffee artistry home with you. Join us in celebrating the vibrant coffee culture at the London Coffee Festival, where innovation meets tradition in the heart of London.

Single dose grinder

The ZP-1 grinder is designed with precision and versatility in mind, catering to both novice enthusiasts and seasoned professionals. Its unique features allow for a seamless adjustment between different grind sizes, ensuring the perfect grind for any brewing method, from espresso to French press. This attention to detail reflects our dedication to providing baristas with the tools they need to extract the most exquisite flavours from their coffee beans. Visit us at G31 to experience the ZP-1 grinder first-hand.

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