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Twin Thermo-block Espresso Machine

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KD-270SN is the ideal companion for crafting exceptional coffee in the comfort of your home. With its user-friendly interface, premium design, and dual pressure and temperature gauge, this espresso machine is your gateway to a delightful coffee experience.

  • Dual thermoblock system: Benefit from two thermoblocks that ensure consistent heating, allowing you to produce steam at the same time as espresso without sacrificing on temperature.
  • Dual pumps: Heavy duty 15-bar coffee pump paired with an individual steam pump guarantees constant water pressure stability, and allows for simultaneous coffee extraction and using steam wand.
  • Temperature sensor: With the added advantage of a temperature sensor and display, you can monitor milk temperature in real-time, consistently achieving velvety foam for your lattes and cappuccinos. 
  • Pre-infusion settings: Optimize crema production based on your specific coffee beans with 3 customizable pre-infusion programs.
  • Integrated cup warmer: Keep your cups warm on the machine's top to ensure ideal brewing temperatures, preserving the true essence of your coffee's flavour.




Stainless steel body

Heating system:

2 thermoblocks (incl. 1 supersteam thermoblock)


1-cup / 2-cup volume or manual control
3 pre-infusion programs

Temperature adjustment


15-bar coffee pump & steam pump

Steam wand:        

360⁰ movement, 1 nozzle hole

Group head:

58mm Stainless Steel Group Head


Pressure gauge + Milk temperature gauge

Water tank capacity: 

3.0L (water level warning; compatible with water filter)


Portafilter with single and double filter baskets; cleaning disc, coffee tamper

Dimensions (mm):

300 (W) * 370 (D) * 360 (H)


220-240V / 50-60Hz



Net weight:


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