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Single Group Head Espresso Machine with Dual Coffee Pump

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Introducing the KD-330, a versatile espresso machine meticulously crafted for both cafes and homes, seamlessly blending exquisite design with unparalleled functionality. Its premium build guarantees high-quality and consistent coffee, ensuring every cup is a delightful experience.

  • Hybrid heating system: A 0.7L boiler, combined with the advanced PID thermoblock, ensures continuous and stable heating, providing precise temperature control for consistent brewing temperatures, resulting in perfect espresso extraction every time.
  • Dual 15-bar coffee pumps: Two separate 15-bar coffee pumps work in tandem to maintain water pressure stability, guaranteeing optimal extraction for each cup of espresso, unleashing the full flavor potential of your coffee beans.
  • Independent steam thermoblock: Our supersteam thermoblock guarantees a stable steam temperature with low humidity levels, creating consistently silky and frothy foam for your lattes and cappuccinos. Choose from 7 different steam flow settings to customize your frothing preferences.
  • Real-time pressure adjustment: With 7 selectable extraction pressures, you have the freedom to tailor your espresso shots to your taste preferences. The real-time pressure gauge provides instant feedback, enabling you to make adjustments on the fly for the perfect brew.
  • Ready When You Are: Experience the convenience of a quick heat-up time, ensuring your machine is always ready to serve.
  • Energy saving: The machine automatically switches off after 30 minutes of inactivity, reducing energy consumption.
  • Seamless connectivity: Stay connected with our intuitive mobile app, allowing you to pre-set extraction pressure and time according to your desired profiles. You can even save and share your personalized brewing data with friends and fellow coffee enthusiasts, fostering a community of passionate coffee lovers.



Stainless steel body

Heating system:

0.7L boiler, PID thermoblock, supersteam thermoblock


1-cup / 2-cup volume or manual control

7-level extraction pressure

7-level steam flow

4 pre-infusion programs


Double 15-bar vibratory coffee pump; 4-bar steam pump

Steam wand:        

360⁰ movement, 3 nozzle holes

Group head:

58mm Stainless Steel Group Head

Temperature setting:



Pressure gauge + LCD display

Water tank capacity: 

2.5L (water level warning; compatible with water filter)


2 portafilters (single spout and double spout) with single and double filter baskets; cleaning disc, coffee tamper

Dimensions (mm):

320 (W) * 460 (D) * 480 (H)


220-240V / 50-60Hz



Net weight:


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