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Milk Steamer with Cleaning button

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Introducing the MS-130, your ultimate tool for effortless luxurious and silky foam. This fully automatic milk steamer delivers consistent and high-quality results with easy cleaning features.

  • Multi-purpose: Suitable for a wide variety of milk and plant-based milk products, such as cappuccinos, matcha lattes, hot chocolate etc.
  • Easy cleaning: Equipped with a cleaning program for both short flush and complete cleaning, as well as regular cleaning reminders, ensuring hassle-free maintenance.



Stainless steel body

Heating up speed:

40s (for 200mL of milk from 4 to 60⁰C)

Water tank capacity: 



Stainless steel pitcher

Dimensions (mm):

140 (W) * 355 (D) * 340 (H)


220-240V / 50-60Hz



Net weight:



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